Fuse bases

Fuse-bases  are  available for low voltage HRC  fuse-links with blade contacts - type  NP.
For  fuse-links with bolted connection are used  fuse-bases type NPV.
Fuse-bases are produced in sizes 00C, 00, 0, 1, 2  and 3 and delivered in single-pole, or three-pole  design.

- possibility making multi-pole fuse-base
- possibility mounting on mounting rail 35 mm
- according to the standards: HRN/EN 60269, IEC 60269, DIN/EN 60269, DIN/VDE 0636, GOST R 50339.

Fuse-bases type VRP3 are available for  distribution  fuse-links type VRO3 and are  designed for short circuit protection in the  distribution electric circuits of the railway - vehicles.
The form and dimensions of VRP3 fuse-bases are  in according to the internal standard HŽN V2.297.

Fuse-bases (PDF)