Transformers neutral earthing resistors tipes OUN

Transformers neutral earthing resistors types OUN are used in a.c. distribution networks up to 35kV. The active part is made of stainless steel. The standard enclosure is of modular type making possible the volume extension according to the size of the active part. Any side of the ecnlosure can be opened (doors) to allow the access to any part for maintenance. 

- normally for rated voltage up to 35kV and currents up to 1000A. On request and for another value of voltages and currents.
- standard are provided for the duration of the fault current of 5, 10 and 30s. On request and for another valuea.
- it is possible to install up to two current transformers
- the transformer neutral point is connected to the high-voltage bushing or during cable entry
- on request can bi installed heater with hygrostat
- these resistors are offered in painted or hot-dip galvanazed enclosure
- standard enclosure is designed with mechanical protection IP23

Transformers neutral earthing resistors (PDF)