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Continuation of the automation process

8. 3. 2017

The technological development, which is specified in the strategic plane of company KONČAR-LOW VOLTAGE SWITCHES AND CIRCUIT BREAKERS, continued with buying new devices for assembly and testing products. 

The automation process in the Assembly Department continued with buying one new device for assembly and two devices for testing of products in March 2017.

The assembly device uses for the semi-automatic assembling of fixing contacts in the fuse bases type NP-00 as well as in the fuse-switch enclosures type OS-00, OS-00C, OS-00/1 and OS-00C/1. This device, in the same time, makes the automatic lubrication of contacts installed in the switches type OS. This new device will enable assembling around 300 pieces of fuse bases or enclosures per hour. It is 20% more than so far.

One of two devices for control uses for the accuracy work control of switch disconnectors type CS, mounting sizes A0 and A1. The second device for control uses for the accuracy schemes control of rotary cam switches types GN20, GN25, GN40 and GN63. These devices besides the accuracy work control automatically detect and mark the type of error.

The investment in these three devices is valid about 270.000 € and it is only one part of the whole investment. In the last six years was invested 1.800.000 € in the automation process.